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KUTTE PUMPS (Xuzhou) Co., Ltd. is a joint KUTTE (Australia) Ltd submersible pump industry distributor in China, it is a collection technology, trade and services in one of the high-tech service companies, specializing in high-temperature geothermal hot springs private deep well submersible pumps assembly, fluid flow control technology and automation product development, assembly and manufacture. Since its inception, we have been dedicated service to our customers. To date, the majority of users has been the domestic geothermal industry to establish a good relationship of cooperation. With the continuous improvement of quality of service, our reputation among customers is also increasing.

Our assembly and manufacture of "KUTTE" card full stainless steel high-temperature deep well submersible pumps are submersible pumps for the domestic market, the existence of short life, serious corrosion, the amount of maintenance and other issues, specialized research, development and assembly of the pump, has been in the country metropolitan spa resort, geothermal heating, etc. are widely used, and with users of praise. Because the pump and motor of stainless steel 304 or 316L material, small size, light weight, will not cause the second pollution of water sources. Fully automatic laser cutting and welding, with high efficiency, low noise, vibration small, obvious energy saving advantages, both in the design life of more than a decade.

I am in the establishment of a sound sales network, we are committed to establish and improve after-sales service network, in order to ensure that users get an efficient service, in order to provide quality services to users and to maintain close contact with users, specially trained service engineers within 24 hours to provide feedback to the user's requirements. Our commitment to "KUTTE" brand stainless steel deep well submersible pumps in high temperature under normal conditions of use, 3-year quality assurance, such as the motor may burn out the free replacement motor. 15 years after production has stopped any other models, both to ensure the supply of spare parts.

Our strength lies in its ability to provide diversified services in the widest range. With our close communication with relevant domestic industries and departments to contact, we introduced the world's advanced management philosophy and related equipment for the geothermal resource development and management industry, to provide customers with more professional products and services.