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Wuyi: to promote the tourism industry transformation and upgrading Spa

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"China Youth Daily" (March 10, 2016 Version 08)

"In the Wuyi hot spring tourist season, a roadside vendors selling swimsuit, one day up to $ 10,000 can sell merchandise." Wuyi County, Zhejiang Province, said Zhang Xinyu, hot springs tourism as the leading, not only bring service industry development, production swimsuit, towel, cap the garment and textile industry, and food-related health spa, spa and other recreational facilities, spa equipment manufacturing industry chain has been formed, the spa industry is accelerating cluster development.

Wuyi County recently formulated "Accelerating the construction of the spa town of policy advice" and proposed by 5 years (2015 - 2019) construction, a total investment of 3.8 billion yuan, to achieve about 350 million people tourists, tourism revenue 3.5 billion yuan goal, to create revenue of 280 million yuan, and strive to fight the new spa town of engine characteristics of industrial development.

"Enriching tourism, must not only rich farmers, but also to promote the development of various related industries." Zhang Xinyu said Wuyi in the 1990s is one of the eight poverty-stricken counties in Zhejiang Province, to the beginning of this century, was included in Zhejiang Province 26 underdeveloped areas, and now Zhaimao run, embarked on a "green, rich, beautiful" road.

Zhang Xinyu said: "Green is the green industry, to industrial transformation and upgrading; the rich, that is all farmers by the service sector, the tourism industry to get rich; the United States, the United States and in the countryside, in the United States agriculture." Global ecological area is undoubtedly the fast Zhaimao an important way to run. It is to create the spa town of Wuyi global ecological area of typical.

Wuyi is the Ministry of Land and named "Chinese Hot Springs." Zhang Xinyu stressed spa protection is a prerequisite for the development of spa tourism products, build brand of spa tourism. By 2015, the spa town of Wuyi in Zhejiang Province was selected to create a list of the first feature of the town. "Wuyi currently detected springs 13, only two developed Wuyi hot spring water each company, have been planned demonstration of the Government is to avoid waste in order to protect the enterprise to meet the actual water situation."

Wuyi two spa - Tang style and Clearwater, are also seeking to upgrade transformation. Press Shengxi Bin Tang style spa, chairman of the words: "Wage Keng put some water will be able to make money days are gone forever."

Shengxi Bin believes that the future market will depend enhance customer service capabilities: "to meet customer demand there will be repeat customers, word of mouth will have a standardized service in the past, is unable to meet the individual needs of tourists.."

"Customer demand management is no direct control, front-line employees know" 盛喜斌 he said, "employees in order to meet the needs of customers, wrong, not punishment; do the right thing, there are rewards." Shengxi Bin believes in short term, this approach will create increased administrative costs, but the long term will certainly increase the percentage of word of mouth marketing, businesses will bring more long-term benefits.

Clear Water Bay Qin Spa CEO Huanglu Jun also believes that existing hotel management model has not suited to the new market development. "We are carrying out the transformation of the resort, adding more interactive projects and paternity project, is no longer the static shape of the original hot springs."

Wuyi County Tourism Committee director Liao Shouming said, adding 10 points coming in the spa town Spa Experience will be built to meet popular demand. Today, Wuyi Hot Spring Tourism has received more than one million people, more than 20 billion tourism revenue. Local people through participation in employment and entrepreneurship, the largest group of beneficiaries. More than 90% of the spa employees are locals, many villagers also run through the farmhouse, sales souvenirs, swimwear and other income, far more than the annual income level white-collar workers in big cities.

Last December, opened the high-speed rail Wuyi, Jinhua Expressway present, Yiwu, Lanxi Wuyi also to accelerate the construction, during the Spring Festival this year, Wuyi 440,000 tourists, tourism revenue 389 million yuan, the number of hot springs to more than 100,000 people. "Now Wuyi tourism industry is still relatively monotonous, since we want to build a set of dining, entertainment, medical, racing, film and other cultural experiences of functions in one town, the next step will make public experiential spa, health spa medical formula, further studies spa the role of the human body. we will rely on the superior ecological resources, spa resources to global tourism as the starting point and focus on building one of King City, one of the King Estate, a large county scenic livable tour, to create well-known health tourism destination . "Liaoshou Ming said.